The Fun of the Camelback Run

Maricela Powers

Digital Journalism

27 February, 2017


With the spring about to begin, it is a great time to start running. That being said, the Phoenix High School track team will start their season at the end of this month. In addition, the team and the coach have hosted a fundraiser called the Camelback Run. John Cornet, the coach, is new to the team but has been part of Phoenix High School for years.

Furthermore, it is important to know that all funds will support the team get new equipment and entry into competitions. Usually, new sport uniforms cost a player $30 but some have a fee waiver because they cannot afford the cost. The fundraiser will provide the school money to pay for those in need. Also, to have a team and compete there needs to be track meets with other schools. Unfortunately, this costs money as well. Basically, without the run there would not be a track team. That is why Phoenix High School needed to have the Camelback run.

Additionally, for those who ran, there were different distances available to run. There are three distances which are the following: a 1-Mile, 5k (3.1 mile) and 15k (9.3 mile). The track at Phoenix High School was the start as well as the finish for the Camelback Run. The course started as follows: One will go down Rose Street and take a right to run on Houston Street. The end of the course is the same except one will be on Houston Street, then go on Rose Street. The whole run was basically a “there and back” situation.

Also, in an interview with Coach Cornet, he talked about how, “99% of the participants are not students at the high school . They are local runners, or from our middle school or elementary schools”. So, Cornet has explained that different groups of the community are represented in the Camelback Run. In short, not only did high schoolers from the track team join, but also people around the Phoenix area.

Finally, the results of the Camelback Run are in! Robby Vos came in first place for the boys and Marina Hauge was first place for the girls. The Phoenix High School track team congratulates these winners and thanks them for participating in their fundraiser. They also thank everybody else who helped ensure the team would compete this year by donating.


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