Bon Voyage to ’17-’18 at PHS

By: Kylee Linell & Samatha Lowe

June 13th, 2018

For the past 160 school days, roughly, each and every student at PHS has been here making memories. And now, as the weather gets warmer and the students get restless, the end of the year is nearing. After the whirlwind of it all, most of it seems a blur. Many students, when asked, say they can only recall a vague feeling of stress and impending due dates. Nevertheless, students and faculty alike are now on their way to a long, blissful break – finally, summer has arrived. But really, what has happened this year? Did we miss it all as it flew by? If that is the case, never fear – we’re here to remind you of all the events and activities.

To start off (in a typical cliche high school fashion), sports! Phoenix’s athletes have worked hard as usual and not only started off well, but finished strong too. Spring, winter and fall, we did it all. And since that rhymes, it must be true. In all seriousness, each and every team and player did a fantastic job and while not always winning everything, they did their best. Football was co-champions of the Skyline conference and made it to playoffs, as did the boys soccer team who won second in our conference. And who could forget the girls soccer team finally broking the 72 game conference losing streak? Incredible job on their part for going against such insurmountable odds. On the cross country side of things, Robert Vos went to state for his fourth and final time, accompanied by Lupita Alegria. Swimming, wrestling, equestrian and track also sent people to state, and girls golf went to state as a team. Two of the girls in tennis competed in districts and got to the main draw. Varsity baseball went to playoffs. Cheer competed in multiple competitions, including the Oregon Cheer Championship, in which they placed first. Congratulations to each of the athletes and we’re all proud of their successes.

Speaking of successes, there’s been an upset! This year’s Spirit Day has gone to… the freshman? While all the classes showed their spirit, surprisingly, freshman came out on top. On that note, it’s important to consider that this time, they had attendance on their side. The school smartly decided to throw it into the competition to motivate more students to attend their classes. Fortunately for the freshman, senioritis wasn’t a problem. While the freshman may have been the overall winners, many students participated in each of the spirit weeks, and the halls were flooded with different outfits, each one more creative than the last.

The homecoming dance theme this year was “A Night to Remember,” and that’s exactly what it was. Brooke Kentner won homecoming queen, and JT Womelsdorf was king. According to Jonathan Halligan, “the winter formal was lit,” and Mr. Carvalho says that they “try to make it bigger and better each year,” so expect it to be great! Tiffany Lee and Abraham Martinez were prom king and queen, themed Casablanca, and in the surplus of pictures taken it’s plain to see smiles on everyone’s faces.

In a miscellaneous final recap, theater did a tremendous job with their productions this year, with Thoroughly Modern Millie being a crowd favorite, and the FFA food scientists team will be heading off to nationals in the fall, as they were state champions. For the ASB Elections, Brandon Morrison won president, Karli Farrimond won vice president, and Devinajiah Jefferson won secretary. With too many clubs to really fully summarize, an “amazing job” will sadly have to do, as they all did incredible. Finally, Phoenix will soon be new and improved, with a fancy new building in the making. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, and how the next school year will go!

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