The End

By Arely Gonzalez, Lesly Lopez, Nayeli Esqueda, Cheyenne Benschoter, Trinity Mathis.

June 13th, 2018

With the end of the year being this Thursday for all non senior, it’s time to enter our little time machine and take a look back to the year that we have experienced. From all the cheers at football games to the outrages color shouts or in other words yelling at each other at assemblies, we take a look at the 2017-2018 school year.

At the beginning of the year we had returning students and the incoming freshmen class fill the empty halls once again. During this time of getting to know teachers and getting lost we had a variety of events happening. We had the football games every other friday and this year our football team ended up playing at Skyline conference. We also had XC runners making it big this year. Robby Vos went to state again for cross country, making this his fourth and final time at state for XC. He was accompanied by Lupita Alegria who also qualified for state. Aside from sports we had an eventful fall spirit week especially with homecoming happening that Saturday, October 7th. During that week we had the junior class dominate in all activities against their former peers. These including powderpuff and he-man volleyball. Even with the wins under their belts, the juniors lost spirit week to the outgoing seniors since they had another great run around the school known as toga day.

In the winter we had winter sports make their mark in the snow. With great games there are great athletes. One of these athletes being Emma Truex who went to state again and crushed the competition, she came in 1st at the state wrestling meet. Another amazing group of athletes that made their big debut was the unified league. On February 1st, Phoenix’s first unified basketball team played their first game that took place in between both varsity games in the big gym. With the crowd cheering the team throughout the whole game, they won their first game against Crater High School. In addition to the sports events we also had a another dance known as the winter formal which took place January 8th 2018, this dance being hosted by DECA club. With another dance we also had another spirit week. Days included ugly sweater day, santa’s workshop, and candy cane day. On the note of DECA. DECA went to state and ended up winning many awards by their participants. Some DECA members were even invited to Atlanta Georgia for the national DECA competition.

In the spring we had another round of sports, spirit weeks, and events including Prom. In sports news we had many athletes and groups go big this year. One these groups being the boys baseball team, who competed at playoffs for state but unfortunately lost. Even though they did not come victorious they played hard throughout their season and are excited for what the new year will bring. We also had seven track athletes qualify for state championships. Two of these athletes ended up placing and bringing back medals. Joseph Grace who came 6th in the javelin and Sienna Bauer who came 4th in the 100m hurdles. Aside from the athletes we also had many students who came back strong. For example FFA hosted their mother’s day garden sale but also had their annual banquet honoring their members. FFA this year shined well in that they won state for food science. The students behind the win being Maddie Dodd, Elise Morris, Austin Vos and Kazes Kuykendall. In addition to the FFA event we had the 2018 Congressional Art Competition in which 3 of PHS’s students were Oregon’s top selections. These students being Noor Akil, Lupita Alegria and Vivian Tauer. Lupita and Vivian were both runners up while Noor Akil ended up winning herself a trip to Washington D.C. to attend a reception in her honor. Prom, which took place on April 12th, happened and boy did it leave a mark. Especially with tickets being sold to the point where we were violating student capacity, but who can blame the event? It was a night to remember. During prom Abraham Martinez and Tiffany Lee were crowned king and queen of the night. Another large surprise to all students except seniors was the recent senior project change now known as the senior capstone. Speaking of seniors this was the first year where the seniors ended up losing spirit day to the class of 2021, the freshmen!

This was a great year. There were sports on the brink of reaching state championships. We had students come back victorious in their talented fields and we had a large amount of spirit shown throughout the year. Congrats to everyone for surviving the 2017-2018 school year. Congrats to seniors for surviving your four years of high school and we wish you the best of luck on your future and where you plan to go.  It was great being able to be a part of Phoenix and being able to witness such great events that took place throughout the year. Till next year Pirates, have an amazing summer. Did I forget to mention that in addition to all that happened throughout the year, we also had the school bill pass. Which means that Phoenix will have a completely new look by 2022.


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