Meet the Boys & Girls Golf Coaches

By Daniel De Jesus

Feb 27th, 2017

With the spring sports starting, we decided it was time to speak with the Phoenix High golf coaches about what to expect in the upcoming season. Both coaches were excited for the season and had plenty to say about their teams, including hopefully going to state!

Mrs. Engle will be coaching the girls team and this will be her third year coaching. She enjoys coaching because she didn’t have the sporting opportunities in the past, and having a good coach would always impact her life. Everyday is a new adventure on the course and those looking to join will look forward to a fun sport, where you learn about yourself as you play!

Mr. Campagna will be starting his second year of coaching golf but he has had experience in the past coaching junior high basketball. Coaching golf gives one of Phoenix High’s math teachers a chance to work with students outside of the classroom and lets him be out during the springtime. He enjoys how his team is small but made up of individuals who all work towards their own success.

Our school’s golf team is hosted by Centennial Golf Course and we are very thankful of them for letting us use their beautiful courses! The season will start February 27th and will continue to May 16th unless they hopefully get to state!



How long have you been coaching?

3 years

Why do you like coaching?

As a kid she didn’t have many sporting opportunities and enjoyed the way a good coach impacted her life.

Most memorable experience?

Everyday is a new adventure on the golf course.

What advice would you give to anyone seeking to join golf?

Its one of the funnest sports, you learn about yourself when you play, everyday’s a new adventure.



How long have you been coaching?

2 years golf, has experience coaching junior high basketball

Why do you like coaching?

Give him an opportunity to work with students outside of the classroom, likes golf because they get to be out during the springtime, its a smaller team of individuals, its a team effort but individuals work to improve

When does the season start?

February 27 – May 16/17

Hopefully camden goes to state

Where does team play?

Hosted by centennial golf course (one of the nicest golf courses in so. oregon)

What advice would you give to those seeking to join golf?

If you wanna come out, get a lil exercise, be out in the outdoors, swing a club, have some fun, and learn to be a better golfer, then come out and play golf. If you wanna dedicate your time, he’ll dedicate his to making you a better golfer.

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