The Sounds of Spring

By: Miriam Arias & Trinity Mathis

Feb 27th, 2017

Phoenix High School is hosting it’s second band concert of the year. Come out and support our fellow band kids on March 17th, 2017 at 6:30 pm in our Rose St. Theater. The students have been working hard for this concert, their last concert was in december, which means they have been working on this one for about two months.

There are many different bands that Mr. DeRoest, the band instructor here at PHS, teaches. The concert will feature. The concert band covers all types of instrumental performances, the students taking concert band also perform in school assemblies, solos, concerts and are also known as our pep band, which means they play during our home sporting events.

That isn’t the only type of band that will be playing the night of the concert, another includes our very own jazz band, which covers all types of jazz and if any student would like to join they must have previous instrumental experiences and consent of instructor. So not just anyone can join that amazing group.

If you like the sound of percussion instruments then you are in luck! Our percussion band joins our concert band at games and assemblies and plays anything from the drums to the xylophone, the students audition for a place in the percussion band, they need consent from the instructor to become a part of it.

Our symphonic band will also be playing that night. The symphonic band covers all types of musical performances. These students travel to show off their hard work in competitions all over the states. You wouldn’t regret coming out and listening to what is the second to last concert of the year.

Speaking of which our band seniors will be honored at the end of the year in the last concert Mr. DeRoest hosts here at PHS, more information for that will be coming your way!

Don’t forget to come out and support our amazing band students March 17th, 2017 here at PHS in the Rose St. Theater at 6:30 pm.

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