No More Boredom with Lunchtime Intramurals

Maricela Powers

February 13th, 2017

Have nothing to do during lunch? The lunchtime intramural program at Phoenix High School is a great place to be! Say goodbye to those lazy lunches and get pumped up for a sporty time. Lunchtime intramural’s provide a way for students who are done eating a healthy lunch to go to the gym at school and get active. This is a perfect way for students to maintain being fit and communicate with fellow classmates.

Furthermore, Phoenix High School has many reasons to start up the lunchtime intramurals. However, the biggest reason was that advisor representatives have been mentioning this idea in their meetings. With all the talk of intramurals, the staff of the school wanted to make it happen. Also, the school wants to provide fun activities for their students during lunch in case they get bored. Overall, the lunchtime intramural program was created with a lot of effort from both students and teachers.

In addition, there was a basketball session on Friday of last week from 12:15- 12:45. They are scheduled every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the month of February. Several different teachers have volunteered their lunch time to supervise the students. Their choice to volunteer has been greatly appreciated by the school. Lastly, basketball will be played for the rest of this month.

Moreover, in an interview with the athletic director, Toby Walker, he explains more on the subject. Walker states, “We will be having some other activities coming up in [the] beginning [of] March and lasting the rest of the school year.” Other activities could range from frisbee to maybe even volleyball. Finally, the athletic director also says that there will be announcements soon on PHTV, so be on the lookout for those.

In summary, the lunchtime intramurals have already proven to be a fun activity for students to participate in. The games during lunch will be played until the end of the year. If one would like to go join the lunchtime intramurals go to the big gym, starting at 12:15. For more information email toby walker at or look out for announcements on PHTV.



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