The Impact This Club Makes

By Trinity Mathis & Miriam Arias


The impact club is a club here at Phoenix High School that brings a group of students who want to learn more about Jesus and the Bible.The club was originally called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This has been a club here at the high school for several years. At least 15-20 years in fact.

The club meets every Thursday in Mrs. Hanson’s room S205 during lunch with pizza and soda. This is a student-run club but they have a couple pastors who come each week. It ranges from 10-20 students each week but more are always welcome to join if they wish too.

The club also participates in other activities besides having the club meeting. They participate in the fall parade, See You at the Pole (which is a once a year event when students meet at the flagpole and pray for their school), and other church activities such as youth groups that meet on Wednesdays and Fridays depending on the church that they go to. Plus there are other activities that will continue to be available for participation here and there throughout the year and as the years progress. This club also participates in the Homecoming Parade in the fall.

The students who participate in this club are Olivia Reid, David Jacobs, Bailie Brown, Ruth Quinteros, Tori Prinslow, Alejandra Camacho, Fernanda Ledesna and many others. along with Mrs. Hanson and the pastors who also come to participate with the students of this club.

The club has here has been a success since it first began here at Phoenix High School years ago and continues to do so with more students coming to join. So come join the impact club if you wish to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Not only is it just learning about that, but the club does other activities too so come join.

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