Want to Play? Better Stay!

By Deyana Barvosa
Sep 30th, 2016

Starting in the 2016-2017 school year a new attendance policy will be put into effect. Any student athlete with an unexcused absence at any time during the school day will be ineligible to practice that day or participate in any after school activity. On game days, this includes participation in the game as well. To play any sport is “not a right but a privilege” as said by Mr. Walker during my interview with him on Thursday, September 15th. This policy, started at the beginning of the year, in attempt on improving the attendance of students all around.
During the interview I asked Mr. Walker why this policy was introduced, he answered by telling me that, “One of our district goals this year is to improve attendance.” Also, why is this policy strictly for athletes? Well student athletes are held to a higher standard regarding the fact that they represent our school athletics as a whole. Student athletes are “expected to be an example/ leader” says walker, for all students.
When concluding the interview I asked Walker if there are any exceptions to this new policy, he stated that if a student misses a class but it’s an excused absence, then the student is allowed to participate in practice and games. So go to class students!
A student’s attendance is a big part of getting the education they need to graduate and succeed in the real world. Students that skip periods and just don’t go to school are proven to have lower grades and graduation rates. Why cheat yourself? Going to class and getting those A’s and B’s creates and opens a lot more doors then skipping to get a coffee does. Some students don’t go to class because they are embarrassed or ashamed with how much they struggle in a certain subject. Phoenix high school offers countless opportunities and alternatives to get help. For example, Asap, an after school study hall that is held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays every week. Attendance should be every student’s priority.
In conclusion, this policy is a task in which we must all succeed in. student athletes are people we look up to and should hold to a standard in which they are proud and represent what we are as a school. Our school is bright and spirited, yet our attendance rates seem to drop every now and then. The goal of improving attendance is a good one.



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