By Trinity Mathis and Megan Forsyth

September, 30th 2016

Choir is an elective class here at Phoenix High School for all musically inclined students. There are two types of choir classes which are concert and chamber choir. Concert choir is a class where you sing and learn how to read music, this class is provided for beginners. Chamber choir is another choir class offered for advanced students, it is required to try out for this class. Students who join this class will further expand their knowledge of reading and singing music.

There are currently 37 students in concert choir and 25 students in chamber choir. The classes have a variety of students, but Mr.Brock is hoping to recruit more guys. He wants to make sure that the student know that choir is not just for girls in hopes to open up the program a little more. The choir program has really built up but Mr.Brock will warmly welcome new recruits. Choir is open to everyone in the school so if you want to join go talk to Mr Brock. During class Mr. Brock hopes that the students don’t fall asleep, come in with a good attitude and with an open mind. He is excited to see how his students grow and improve their singing skills. Mr. Brock says that he already sees improvement in all his students and he is proud of all of them. “Singing is a wonderful way to express yourself with others in a positive way,” Mr. Brock says.

The choirs perform at many events such as sporting events, assemblies, concerts and at competitions. The songs that are performed at these events are not all picked by Mr. Brock, some are picked by the students. Mr Brock tries to incorporate a wide variety of songs with different styles, tempo, and cultures. Mr. Brock’ is hoping to have both choirs perform more often for school events. Not only that, but he want to increase exposure for the choir program while increasing school spirit.

Both of the choirs will be having concerts at Phoenix High School and singing at other events as the year progresses. Their fall concert will not be happening this year as expected for reasons we do not know of. Their first concert will be happening on December 15th at 6:30 pm in the Rose Theater. The spring concert will be happening on April 5th at 6:30 in the Rose Theater. Their last concert will happen on June 1st but the place is unknown yet. Please be sure to come and support our choirs, they are doing a wonderful job and it would mean a lot to them!



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