The New Director of Athletics

Sept 22nd, 2017

By: Julian Richee

With the start of a new school years brings new faces to Phoenix High School. One of the newest members  to join Phoenix’s very own Pirate crew is Dave Ehrhardt. Ehrhardt was the former Athletic Director for the South Umpqua Lancers, before leaving to assume the role of Athletic Director at our very own Phoenix high school. He stated that he was really driven to take the job at Phoenix High School after learning about our school’s great reputation and wonderful community that thrives here. With it already being the great community that it is, that isn’t stopping our new athletic director from pushing our community to be even better.

In a meeting that Ehrhardt had with our Pirate athletes earlier in the year he stated that he, “Expects all athletes to be leaders in the classroom just like they are on the field or court.” Mr. Ehrhardt wants them to be involved and participating in classroom activities as well as extracurricular activities that our school has to offer. That isn’t all that he is doing in the early stages of his tenure with Phoenix High School. Ehrhardt is already taking a big step in completing a deal with Tablerock Sports that will allow our games to be broadcast and live streamed, which would be a big step forward for our school. He is also promoting and improving our schools social media platforms so that it is easier for our pirates to get the latest scores and news on our pirate teams.

With fall sports already in full swing our new athletic director has already taken the initiative of attending many of our school events such as making the commute to Eugene for a pirates cross country meet just a few weeks ago. In the early going he has shown great support both in the classroom and at events for our pirate athletes. A new era is upon us for phoenix athletics, with high expectations both in the class and on the field from our new athletic director, we can only imagine the great things that will be accomplished during Ehrhardt’s time with Phoenix High School. It is a great and exciting time to be a pirate as this new era dawns on Phoenix High School.

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