The Supreme Student Management Team

Sept 22nd, 2017

By: Rocio Hernandez, Samantha Lowe, Maricela Powers

There have been new faces added this school year, however they will probably not be seen in a classroom. Instead, out in the hallways or their offices. The Student Management Team has made multiple changes in their positions this year. These changes have brought back familiar people, one being Christie Sanders who was a substitute teacher at Talent Middle School. She has taught many students throughout the years and now has taken the role as the Student Manager, working with Restorative Justice. A change that many returning students may have seen is the slight absence of Chris Elkin who is now the Truancy Officer and Attendance Specialist. Due to the responsibilities of his new position, he is not seen frequently around school but will always help as many students while he is here in the mornings. Yaneth Ortiz is the new Bilingual Student Assistant and will be working alongside Francisco Torres the new Graduation Coach in order to help Phoenix High School students succeed throughout their time here. All the new additions to the Student Management Team will help students and improve the atmosphere of Phoenix High School.

To start off, Chris Elkin who was the student manager last year is now the Truancy Officer and Attendance Specialist. As the Truancy Officer Elkin makes home visits to students who miss  school continuously without communicating with the school. The attendance policy has changed and been enforced this school year, someone you may see enforcing it would be Chris Elkin as the Attendance Specialist. This team will keep track of tardy’s, and if you get too many you will receive a lunch detention. Once a student is tardy they will have to go to the attendance office and receive a red unexcused slip or a green excused slip to take to their teacher. This system allows for attendance to be more organized and efficient. Not only can we keep track of our attendance records but also avoid teachers from having to stop their lesson and interrupt the class. The mission of this new attendance policy is to improve our attendance as a whole school.

In addition, Christie Sanders and Yaneth Ortiz are both new at Phoenix High School. They are excited about this school year and are ready to help. Together, they will improve the experience of students and ensure positive outcomes. Sanders has said multiple times,”I would like everyone to know they are always welcome to stop by my office”. She will perform her job by being a presence throughout the school, looking for anyone who might be skipping. Ortiz, on the other hand, will be getting to know the students and encouraging them to come to school and graduate. To help Spanish speaking parents, Ortiz has stated she will use her “bilingual skills so they can understand and communicate with the teachers”. She is available all day and her office is located to the left of the library, in the commons

Also, Ortiz works closely to our other new staff member, Francisco Torres. Torres is the new Graduation Coach for Phoenix High School. Phoenix has never had a graduation coach before, so it is great that the school is trying something new to help their students. Some of the duties he will perform daily are making sure seniors attend their classes and help them in areas that they are weak in. These areas could be either finding what credits students need in order to graduate or setting up appointments to help students find what career they are interested in. When asking why Torres wants to work at Phoenix High School, he states, “I am passionate about having students achieve their goals”. Torres can help any student wanting to achieve their goals between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm in his office by the hallway to the right of the attendance office.

On a final note, the pirate crew will accept the new team and welcome them to a great year of learning, clubs, and sports. Hopefully, the school’s attendance will improve from previous years. Consequently, not only does the attendance of students have the potential to improve, but also the percent of seniors graduating.

Welcome to an Exciting New School Year!

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