Fall Sports Check In: Boys Soccer and Volleyball

Oct 6th, 2017

By: Maricela Powers

Ahoy! With a new school year comes a new season of sports! So far, there are a couple of teams every pirate fan should keep their eyes on. These sports are boys’ soccer and volleyball. Ever since the summer, both teams have been sticking it out to do good now. Impressively, all that hard work has them in a good position. It’s time to sail and cruise through the situations both teams have experienced.

Last year, the varsity team for boys’ soccer had a 78.1% win rate. They won all their home games and only lost two of their league games. In the end, they made it to the quarterfinals, losing to Molalla. Kassem Akil, one of our star senior soccer players, says that this year the team will be focusing on, “passing the ball,” during practices. Akil also states that one of the goals for their team this year is to, “beat North Valley,” and ,”to not lose anymore”. Phoenix High School is proud to be represented by our senior and wishes him luck on his final year of soccer.

Subsequently, this year the boys are starting off with a huge kick, obtaining a score of 4-2-2. The last game they played was on Thursday versus Hidden Valley. The score was 1-2 and even though it was a lose, great job Phoenix! Be aware of their next game on October 9th against North Valley at 6:30 pm. It’s not a home game, but make sure to show your support on Phoenix High School’s twitter page. You could also go to Grants Pass and watch the boys play. Earlier in the season, they fell short by one point to North Valley, so for this game the whole school is definitely cheering on our boys.

On a different note, by the end of the season in volleyball last year the varsity girls team had a score of 5-12. The only one team they won against that is scheduled to play this year is Mazama. In other words, look out for new opponents on the court. After not doing as great as they hoped for, the girls team have been focusing in on what they really need to work on. Some areas they are targeting to improve are,”serving and spiking,” says Kassidy Calhoun. Excitingly enough, Kassidy has already scored many points for the varsity team!

        Lead by Robin Akpan, the team is doing much better than last year. Their score is 8-9 with four more games to go. There is plenty of time for the girls to have a positive outcome this year and seeing their spirit throughout the school students are determined they will. Some impressive results where the team went 3-0 were against Brookings-Harbor and Mazama. In the most recent game, the girls won against Klamath Union and it resulted in a 3-0 score. This is extremely exciting, however, the next game is at Hidden Valley. Our varsity team has not won against Hidden Valley yet, so the whole school needs to encourage them! If you’d like to watch the girls play in Grants Pass, the game starts at 6:15 pm on Tuesday, October 10th.

Overall, the boys soccer team and the volleyball team have done very well this year. Confidently, soccer has a chance to make it back into the championship rounds and go farther than the quarterfinals. Surely, volleyball can win a few more of  their final games before the season is over. Along with these teams, hopefully all fall sports are thriving at Phoenix High School. Stay tuned to find out how each team ended up.


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