Kickin’ it with Girls Soccer and Cross Country

Oct 6th, 2017

By: Emily Waggoner & Bella Hoye

Run, sweat, and teamwork. Once again it is that time of the year for cross country and girls soccer. We are proud of their performance and their representation of our school so far.

Starting off with our team of runners, cross country. So far they have had 5 meets with a couple of meets canceled because of smoke. They challenge themselves to get first. A very hard working team with a great coach, John Cornet. Boys placed 2nd against 6 other schools at the Henley meet on September 27th, 2017. While Girls got 1st place at the meet but against only 3 other school. One of the team mates a freshman Shelby Platt, on girls varsity said “Mr. Cornet is hoping to have boys and girls go to districts, girls may not be able to go but they are trying.” We are proud of all you boys and girls out there who participate in cross country and try your best to do your best to get into district meet!

A proud representation of our girls soccer team is the fact they won their first soccer conference after a 75 match conference losing streak. This has been a pretty good year for our girls staying strong, having a total of 3 wins and a strong defeat of 5 loses. Yesterday they brought home a sad loss with a score of 1-3. Good job girls, better luck next time you made your school proud! We’re looking forward to the next game ladies!

Congratulations to all soccer and cross country athletes, keep up the good work!



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