Checking in with Cheer and Football

Oct 6th, 2017

By Arely Gonzalez and Lesly Lopez  

Phoenix high school has a lot of sports to offer for all grades, since we’re still in the fall season that means fall sports are going on right now. This includes football, cheerleading, soccer, cross country, volleyball, and marching band. Two sports that are popular right now are football and cheerleading. This year’s football and cheer participants are working very hard. Despite some of the losses, our football teams has had some great wins. Football isn’t just a game, it’s all about strategy, teamwork, and leadership. Every year there are many students that sign up, ready to bring home the win.

Cheerleaders have  been doing an incredible job as well and took 3rd place in the Oregon State Game Day Competition in Salem, OR. This year the team got many new members and formed a great family. They have choreographed some great cheers and helped lift school spirit during games. During our first assembly the student body saw a short but very fantastic performance. Emily Waggoner, a member of the cheer team, said “ We are quick learners and doing great. Our comp team is coming along very professionally”. Shout out to our school cheerleaders, keep up the great work ladies!

Phoenix pirates are very proud of both the football and cheer teams. We look forward to seeing more great work and like always see you in the next edition.

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