The Street Where The Chumps Live

By Megan Forsyth and Trinity Mathis

January 26, 2017

21 Chump Street is a true story about a student named Justin Laboi. The plan was called “Operation D- minus” This is where undercover cops were placed in high schools to reduce the amount of drugs being passed around. The undercover cop who played Naomi Rodriguez was twenty-five years old. Justin fell in love with Naomi and would do anything to get her to go out with him. She then asked Justin to get her some weed, sending Justin everywhere trying to find some. Justin is an honor roll student and has never been around drugs and never took any so he went through a lot of trouble trying to find some. When he finally got a hold of some weed he gave it to Naomi on school property making the punishment even harsher. Justin pled guilty to the felony three years probation and a week in jail. This operation would catch thirty-one Florida students.

The synapse above of 21 Chump Street is a 15 minute long musical production. The director is one of our very own students as her senior project, Yasmin Conchas, the music coach was Joey Larimer, the stage manager is Arilyn Quackenbush with lights done by Samantha Kamrath, and sound by Austin. The cast is Justin Laboy played by Trevor Ulric, Naomi Rodriguez played by Emily Weaver, The Narrator is played by Hayley Harrison, and the boys are played by Megan Forsyth, Jazmine Mathis, and Kim Kinney.

The play was performed on January 19th at 6pm. This performance was a fundraiser to help take this schools performance of 21 Chump Street to state. Yasmin Conchas also played a game a minute to give it, where everyone was able to donate to the Maslow project any change they had in their pockets.

If you were unable to see the show then you really missed out on this amazing true story. The cast worked really hard with limited time but was able to pull it all together in the end. Thanks to everyone who did show up the theatre department really appreciates the support. It’s really nerve racking for these student to get on stage and perform but as an audience we also can be thankful that kids can do what they love and entrap the watchers with them in the performance.

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