Phoenix Baseball & Softball in Full Swing

By: Jasmine de Meza & Carina Carrera

May 18th, 2018

Starting off with athletes lined up for sports, Phoenix varsity baseball and softball coaches open their fields for tryouts.  Tryouts help place players on each individual team, depending on where they stand with their skills. These tryouts as well take a 3 to 4 day process.

Starting off with the first day of tryouts, many athletes are asked to demonstrate their defensive and field skills. Either throwing, catching, fielding, or even showing effort. These skills are then scored on a 1-5 rubric, one being low skills and five being high skills. Staring off with throwing, the coaches rate off of one’s accuracy and how well they do on the drills. Players are also judged off their accuracy and ability. Next is fielding, where players are judged off their position, base running, speed, and knowledge.

After day one is complete, next comes day two which involves defense. This is as well scored off a 1 to 5 rubric. This is the halfway point of choosing where one stands in the team. This is where athletes have to do specific skills to demonstrate and possibly improve on if they make the team. The way the coaches choose where an athlete stands is by doing an average on where someone stands on the 1 to 5 rubric. If someone lands on the 2 to 3 range, they are most likely to be put on the junior varsity team. If someone lands on the 4 to 5 range, they are most likely to make the varsity team.

Coming to the final day, those end with the judgement of their intensive pitching and accuracy. This is the go big or go home day. Either you do good and make either team, or you at least tried your best. But once athletes are divided into teams, the practice begins. Most softball and baseball teams practice take place ,at the clover field park. This park is also where home games take place and athletes create memories.

Starting the year of 2018 varsity baseball and softball sports, the boys had a win to loss of 14-9 and the girls had a win to loss of 7-13. Then for our junior varsity teams, the boy had  a win to loss of 10-8 and the girls had a win to loss of 3-16. While our boys played such great games, so did our pirate ladies. Both teams played delivered good games and had fun in the end, but what most mattered is that they tried their best and created good memories.

With baseball and softball coming to an end, it is not the end for most players. While some take a break from the sport, other athletes practice for the next seasons tryouts. Ensuring they achieve all skills that are needed to be met when the coaches score at tryouts. While baseball and softball is a game for all to try out, in the end it can be a sport to create strong teamwork and great memories. With the season coming to an end, many athletes leave with a good outcome and experience that usually follow them in the long run. Until next season, we wish best to our athletes.

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