Performing to the Tee

By: Rocio Hernandez, Monserad Flores, Kylee Linnell, Maricela Alvarado Powers , Samantha Lowe

From the Centennial Golf course to all across Oregon, Phoenix’s High School’s Golf Team has had an outstanding season. To anyone who was watching, it was clear to see a spark in each player as they fought in every tournament to do their best. The passion with which pirate students played has been demonstrated through not only their hard work, but their dedication as well. They all set their goals this season and have excelled tremendously.

This year, both our boys and girls golf teams participated in the regional tournament on the Running Y Ranch Golf Course in Klamath Falls. The girls did a phenomenal job, placing third overall as a team and qualifying for state, along with individual successes. While the boys also did well, unfortunately the boys did not qualify for state but came close, placing fourth in the tournament. Both teams managed to compete in unexpected bad weather throughout the tournament with grace. On the second day, they faced harsh conditions including a dreadful thunderstorm with hurling winds and a downpour that resulted in a 30 minute delay. Through it all, our team persevered and prospered.

Coach Lonna led the girls into a great season, and she says that their goal was to, “…always to work hard, have fun and improve our skills to do well at Regionals.” Which, due to the team giving it their all, has now been accomplished. She also mentioned that the team was, “…in a good place to be in the top half of the teams at state this year. All the girls were peaking and lowering their scores.” Two girls even finished individually in the top half of the pack, one of which was Maricela Alvarado Powers. She qualified to go to state as an individual in 4th place with a stellar score of 87-96—183. Maricela was thrilled to make it to state and expresses, “I feel elated with achieving this goal of mine. I’ve had this goal for about 3 years and now that I have achieved it I am overwhelmed with joy.” As an individual, Bella Lopez placed 8th with an amazing score of 102-94—196. She said that, “It was a great way to end the season – going to state, although we did not get the ultimate goal we wanted, the experience was great.” Willow Tous had a splendid score of 107-106—213 and Giselle Perez Hernandez had a great score of 122-110—222. Giselle said that she is proud of her improvement from last year and that, “Throughout golf season I worked hard on improving my golf skills.” Sadly, the team will be saying goodbye to four seniors, who she says will be “sorely missed… it was a good season.” We recognize the girls’ hard work this season and wish them the best for next year.

Although the boys will not be going to state this year, they were persistent throughout the season and met many of their goals. The finished fourth place at regionals, just barely missing cinching third place in order to go to state. Coach Campagna responsed to how the season went, “Overall we had a great season! They’ve been very competitive in the tournaments we were in. We worked hard on putting this year in order to drop the most amount of strikes possible. Our goal as a team was to make it to state. Even though we came up just short of it as a coach I was very proud of how many players performed and in the attitudes they had given though they lost.” This year’s golf team will be losing a large portion of it’s team to graduating seniors. We congratulate them and wish the best in their future endeavours. Senior Kassem Akil states,“Through this golf season I am proud to say that I finished off strong.”  Next year’s team will have Elijah Galiato returning as veteran, who says about his second year in golf, “The overall season went really good. I won a golf tournament with a partner. I can’t really speak about next year because we will not have the same coach but I hope it will go as good as this year.” They will carry that advice and skill that their fellow teammates demonstrated during the season and excel next year.

Our golf pirates will continue their passion for golf, whether it may be outside of school or next year on the Centennial Golf course. The spark amongst lowerclassmen will be seen in the upcoming year – be sure to look out for their improvement. To the golf graduates; we congratulate and hope the season was great. Best of wishes to the golfers.

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