Check in! New Attendance Policy

April 28th, 2017
By: Chere Langliers 

This year at Phoenix High School we have a new attendance policy. Mr. Akil is the attendance clerk here at PHS. In previous years, students would walk in to class late and not check in with the attendance office. Now the school board has set out to change that.

Students will have to go to the office when getting back from lunch whenever they are tardy. They will get a pink slip if they are tardy and not excused, and they will get a green slip if they have an excused tardy. The new policy was set to monitor and control the attendance of students who are coming in through the door and going straight to class without checking in at the attendance office. Students doing this distracts the teachers and the students already in the class trying to learn in an educational environment.

The school board, is trying to improve attendance overall and getting everything into the system and minimize the calls home to parents due to students not checking in with the attendance office and just going straight to class. Teachers are now telling students to go down to the attendance office and check in with Mr. Akil so they can sign back in because previously they were marked absent in that class.

This policy was actually set three years back but within those years they kind of just walked away from it but day after day the attendance is getting worse and with this new policy they can try to minimize tardiness. They also are reinstating the detention policy. They will be more strict with students and giving students a lunch detention for every tardy.

Hopefully, this new policy will convince students to get to class and to not be late, so they don’t get detention. Have a great day Phoenix Pirates and a great rest of the year!  


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