February 16th, 2018

By: Monserad Flores, Rocio Hernandez, Kylee Linell 

Wrestling  is a journey where students develop many skills and characteristics. A wrestler must have dedication, passion, hard work ethic and commitment.  They have acquired these attributes by the support of their wrestling family. A wrestler does not only take the experience of the sport, but the friendship with fellow students. This year’s wrestling team had nine students qualify for state and will leave everything they have on the mat. They have prepared with hard work and refined skills throughout this winter season.

Phoenix High School finished at a third place 12- team regional in Hidden Valley with five wrestlers. Current junior wrestler Ezra DeLuca was the only phoenix pirate to move forward to championship. There was four phoenix pirates wrestlers who won their third-place matches which includes Jackie Hawkins, Dalton Samis, Elijah Santana, Joey Wilson, and Emma Truex. From accomplishing goals to being qualified for state what an amazing experience for the Phoenix High School pirates. Patrick Calhoun said, “It’s really fun, but also a commitment. It definitely prepared me and although the practices were challenging it allowed me to get in shape for competitions. There were lows and highs, but it makes up for a great experience.” They have put such hard work ethic for the Phoenix High School wrestling team and it has been phenomenal!

Experiencing wrestling from learning throughout their journey from being as freshman and starting off the year joining into sports the outcomes of to not knowing so much of wrestling to be experienced in wrestling. We get insight from freshman who got the opportunity to have the learning experience what went down during practices and especially their meets. Patrick Calhoun, Kia Larson, Aldo Meza and they are lower class men that joined Phoenix High School wrestling team what opportunity to take that chance. Kia Larson expressed that wrestling was,”A very unique experience  and very different from other sports”.

Phoenix High School wrestling team with their passion throughout their wrestling journey. Aldo Meza illustrated, “It was fun and gotten the chance to experience wrestling”.From freshman having their first time experience with wrestling all the way to senior year finishing off the year. The team itself with hard work, team work ethic. They learned and practiced all that wrestling offers. Engaging in the whole team experience and encouraging one team with another. The team has strong dedication and passion throughout their team experience from this winter season. Sam Brumble expressed his words, “Building more strength in wrestling and it encourages me academically.”


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