Varsity Season Recap 2017-2018

Feb 16th, 2018

By: Tarryn Hiett, Bella Hoye, Astrid Onesto

Phoenix High Schools 2017-2018 varsity basketball teams fought hard in a growing and trying season. The two teams combined had a total of 8 wins, which as an athlete can be challenging. David Lozano said that some improvements that were made in the last year by the boys varsity team were that “…we learned how to communicate a lot better and learned to move the ball around more and worked even harder…”.

The Varsity boys team was lead by Ethan Hutsell (sophomore), Javan Gail (senior) and Kevin Boterman (senior). Following were Freedom Martinez (junior), Brennen Watts (senior), Nik Goff (sophomore), David Lozano Reyes (senior), Mateo Lopez (sophomore), Mason Stella (junior), Braeden Watts (sophomore),  and Kallen Peterson (senior). Although the teams fought hard they constantly fell. We are proud of the 5 wins they won, and the way they represented our school.

The Varsity Girls team was lead by Brooke kentner (senior), Taylor DeVry (senior), and Isabella Lopez (senior). Faithfully following were Maggie Carrillo (junior), Julissa Villasenor (junior), Giselle Hernandez (junior), Marcella Badillo (sophomore), Mckenzie Christian (sophomore), Crisal Tellez (sophomore), Josephine Bolstad (freshman), and Delani Parent (freshman). The team scored a total of 691 points, and we are proud of there diligence.

The team captain of the girls varsity basketball team, Brooke Kentner was asked how did your last season of high school basketball go. She answered saying, “My last basketball season may not have ended the way I wanted but the journey over the last four years has been unforgettable, this year has been my favorite team so far. I love these guys and i’m going to miss them dearly. I never thought the season would end but here we are. The one thing that provided me countless joy is over, but the memories I made with my team are not”. She was also asked what her best memory from basketball was. She responded saying, “There is not one specific memory that stands out because I will never forget any of them, from our team sleepovers to bus rides. They were continually something I looked forward to everyday”.

Nik Goff, one of the sophomore boys on the varsity team was asked what game did you feel the team played bast at and why. He answered “The game that we played at Henley was a game that felt really good about and we all worked really hard. Although we lost to a 3 point game, we played really well as a team, communicated well and worked together.” Following he was asked, What is your favorite part of basketball and why. He responded, “I like that basketball is fast paced, and non stop. I also like that we have to work as a team to be successful.” The final question that was asked, was it hard as a sophomore to get onto that varsity team. He replied, “Yes it was hard to get onto the varsity team. I wasn’t expecting to be placed on varsity but I am very grateful for the opportunity that the coaches gave me. I feel that I have really grown up and matured this season.”

Overall both teams tried their best even though the results were not what they were hoping for. We are proud of the way that they represented Phoenix High School and hope that the hard work this year will pay off in the seasons to come.


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