Student vs. Staff Basketball Game Preview


By Courtney Baker and Carina Carrera Flores

November 13th

Staff vs students basketball

As the 2015 basketball season rapidly approaches, the 3rd Annual Students vs. Staff Basketball Game appears to be just around the corner. Next Friday, November 20th, the teachers and staff at Phoenix High School take on both the boys and girls varsity basketball teams for this annual fundraising event. Rather than trying to earn money different ways, the basketball program has found much more success in fundraising by utilizing their basketball skills in the Students vs. Staff game. In previous years, this event has showed great success in raising money for both basketball programs, and the expectations for this year’s game are just as high. The staff at Phoenix yearn to redeem themselves after falling to the students in the 2nd annual game. In this game, the girls varsity team will take on the staff in the 1st and 3rd quarters, while the boys have the chance to shut the game down in the 2nd and 4th quarters. The game will be played in ten minute quarters with a running clock. This event continuously proves to be a Phoenix High School favorite, as students apparently love to see their teachers make an effort to play a basketball game against their own students. Of course, all are welcome to come watch and support the Pirate basketball program. The cost of the game is $3 for students, and $5 for adults with a $20 family cap. Start time is 7:30pm in the Phoenix High School Big Gym. Come get a feel for the 2015 season at the 3rd Annual Students vs. Staff  Basketball Game!

Staff participating in this year’s game:

  • Mrs. Sievert
  • Mr. Koekkoek
  • Mr. Roberts
  • Ms. Flores
  • Mr. Dougherty
  • Mr. Carvalho
  • Mr. Bursk
  • Ms. Seedborg
  • Mrs. Campbell
  • Mrs. Chapman
  • Mr. Onesto
  • Mr. Campagna

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