Did We Hear a Fight?

Dec 8th, 2017

By: Carina Carrera-Flores

Winter is bringing the coldness but our wrestling team is just starting to heat up the gym. The wrestling team is being their season for the 2017-2018 school year. They recently held their first meet here at home and they did a great job hosting the meet. The wrestlers showed their hard work of training out on the tournament last week. They did  a great job representing our school and made us proud.

The wrestling team will be traveling today Friday December 8th and on the 9th to North Bend for The Coast Classic. It it will be a two day wrestling tournament held at North Bend High School. The wrestling tournament began at 1pm on December 8th and at 9am on December 9th.  

Everyone knows the Coast Classic is a popular tournament that will have 32 teams this year from 6A  5A, and 4A  schools. It has the reputation of one of the top wrestling tournament for the high school season. The meet typically has about 32 teams participating each year, sometimes a fewer teams due to the weather making it hard to travel.

The team will go up against Eagle Point High School Wednesday December 13th. They will be traveling to Eagle Point where the meet will be hosted. The meet will begin at 5pm. They will also have a three way match against Marshfield and Eagle point Thursday December 14th host by Eagle Point, the time is still to be determined.   

This sport is popular among guys. Wrestling involves some techniques like pins, joint locks, clinch fighting, throwing, and other grappling holds. But that doesn’t stop one of Phoenix High Schools state champion wrestler Emma Truex. Emma is one of the few girls in wrestling, she won state champion her freshman year. She is now a Sophomore who is still continuing to wrestle for Phoenix. She say “with practice and hard work” she hopes to win more championship titles. She also hopes to one day place at Reno World a wrestling tournament in Nevada.

Don’t forget to come out and support the wrestlers this season and show them some support. Good luck to the Wrestlers this season!  

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