Compete to Cheer

Feb 16th, 2018

By: Jasmine de Meza & Carina Carrera

Starting off with tryouts, many skillful cheerleaders are chosen to represent Phoenix High school. Not only do these cheerleaders have flexible skills and good memorization, but they also come with school spirit. Having two tryout seasons, these ladies travel alongside with our sports teams routing for them during games. While these cheerleaders are not occupied by games, they practice and prep for any competitions that may lay ahead. Knowing that challenges may lay ahead or come their way, the cheer team will always try and come prepared.

Before making a cheer team, students interested have to go through tryouts. Cheer tryouts usually take place at the end of the year for next years fall team and during winter for the winter team. Having two school teams, the cheer team divides its team into two as well; one team being junior varsity and the other being varsity. Needing to ensure all routines are memorized and introduced, the cheer team practices everyday of the week from 4:30-7. These practices are very essential, and great to have before sports games. These ladies then show spirit and new routines at football games, basketball games, and assemblies.  

While these ladies represent school spirit, they also represent team leadership and family. They stick as one and help one another practice and prepare for any future events. Getting third place at Pacer Invitational on January 13, these ladies stunt a first place on the 14th at Lion Cheer Challenge. Showing that all you need is a little time and preparation with your cheer family to achieve as best as one could get.Having an unbreakable spirit at  Cavalier Cheer Invitational at Clackamas High School, the ladies once again top in first place.

Bringing spirit and excitement at school events, these ladies have been preparing to bring best to their next competition coming up. This one competition that the team had been preparing for is State competitions. This event took place Saturday, February 10 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. It involved 12 teams in the division, only leaving five to be left and compete February 18th. The cheer team brought much motivation and attempted to aim to land in the top five, but got seventh place. Even though our cheer team didn’t make it as far, they brought much spirit and tried their best.

Our cheer team is a great symbol of our school spirit, and without a team who would bring the extra excitement to games and events. Our team even collides every year with our young phoenix pirate cheerleaders. Giving young cheerleaders an opportunity to work with a high school cheer team at a clinic, preparing to present at one of phoenix’s basketball games . It is never too late to try out for the cheer team and show spirit. Not only will the past cheerleaders greet you with friendliness, but they will treat you like family.


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