Boys Soccer Team Brings it Home!


The boys’ soccer team fought a strong battle against Mazama and brought the big W home.

October 2, 2015

By: Miriam Arias & Sandra Hernandez

The boys’ varsity team brought the victory home after a hard battle with Mazama. Rosendo Juarez (9) helped the team by scoring one goal, Fernando Rodriguez (14) also scored a goal and Carlos Camacho helped the team with three goals, making the score end at 5-0. The coaches couldn’t be happier with such a united and strong team. Coach Flenner couldn’t be happier with the boys because “as a team, this is one of [his] best” (Flenner). With a record of 6-1, our boys have been playing hard, leading us to be 2nd in state. With wins of 2-1 vs. Cascade, 3-0 against Brookings, our boys have earned their spot. Sadly, we were defeated by Ashland with a score of 0-3. With Ashland being a 5-A school, our team was still very competitive compared to other schools such as KU, who lost to Ashland with a score of 9-2, a fact that opens up doors for the Pirates being able to compete at a very strong level with other teams. On Monday, September 21, the boys played against Klamath Union and let’s just say they owned it, winning with a score of 6-0. Samuel Macias (7), Joel Mereida (5), Fernando Rodriguez (14), Jesus Sixtos (8), Alex Gutierrez (12), and Christian Camacho (11) all helped the team by each scoring a goal. And on September 24, the boys took the win once again against Hidden Valley with a score of 3-0. Christian Camacho scored all three of those goals with an amazing assist by Rosendo Juarez (9). On Monday the 28th, they traveled all the way to North Valley and won with a score of 3-1. The boys play hard and the people cheer harder, home games are played at Colver Field, from 4:30 to 6, and what’s a team without its audience? Come support our Pirates on Mondays and Thursdays during any home game. Let’s go Pirates!


The JV is keeping up with the Varsity team! Winning a game against the Milo Mustangs with a score of 5-2. Succeeding once again by defeating Klamath Union with a score of 2-0. They lost after a hard battle against Ashland with a score of 4-3, not losing their hopes since Ashland is a 5a school. Finally, tying a game against Brookings with a score 1-1. Bryson Flenner (9) and Joel Flores-Ortega (8) have been helping the team by scoring a goal each. Hidden Valley lost a battle against our Pirates! With a score of 3-0.  Making that a record of 5-1!

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