Basketball is Back!

November 20, 2015

By Trinity Mathis, Teresa Schatz, Randi Miick

Jeff Rhoades is the boys varsity Basketball coach at Phoenix High School, and David Alexander is the new Varsity coach for the girls Basketball team.

Last year, about 30 to 35 boys signed up to be in the boys basketball program; which is a remarkable amount! The team last year focused on rebuilding a strong Phoenix High school basketball team; which should transfer to this years’ team. There objectives were to improve the team’s energy, effort and ability to compete against other teams; not only that but to compete at high level.

Unfortunately, the boys basketball team did not have a successful season last year. This was thought to be due to player transfers as well as injuries. This year, the hope is, for all of last season’s lessons to be translated into this years’ team and to move forward in capability and experience.

David Alexander was the JV girls coach last year, and this year he is the new Varsity coach for the girls team. 25 girls this year have joined the basketball team. They hope to be competitive in their league and compete for a playoff game. They have a talented group of girls that have played together for a few years and they are good at knowing what the other girls will be doing.

Both teams practice about 2 hours everyday after school. They work extremely hard so then they can play the games and make sure that they win. Both teams first game will be against Ashland High School on Wednesday Dec 2nd at Ashland High School.



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