Baseball and Softball In Full Swing

March 11th, 2016

By Courtney Baker, Elizabeth Castillo, and Amber Taylor.

A season ago, both softball and baseball teams built up a solid records of 10-14 (boys) and 11-14 (girls). With the 2016 season already in full swing, both teams hope to maintain and also improve off of their previous records. The teams have been having daily practices to improve their skills and prepare for their first games of the season.

The end of any season means the loss of players, and the baseball and softball programs here at Phoenix were no exception. The softball team lost a massive group of ten seniors, but even with a brand new team, the program still has high hopes for a good season. Sophomore Brooke Kentner said, “I know that we are all new to each other, but I think if we communicate and understand one another we will be successful on and off the field. This is a very diverse group of girls but we all have something to bring to the team. Win or lose, I hope we have fun together.”

The baseball team, on the other hand, only lost a small sum of four seniors, so they have less of a dent to fill. Players Thomas Skaff and James Turnbull stated in an interview that the team has been working hard and playoffs are definitely within the team’s reach- they did not want to go as far as to claim a state title, but they certainly hinted towards one. Either way, excitement was clearly shown in players from both teams.

Games start as soon as next week for the baseball team and the following week for softball. Conference play, however, does not start until April 12th for the Pirates at North Valley, so both teams still have time to prepare with practices and non-league games. Next Monday, baseball will lead off at Eagle Point at 4:00pm, so be sure to support the Pirates in their first game of the season. If anyone is looking for a good way to spend his/her Spring Break, the softball team will also begin their season with a tournament at the U.S. Cellular Fields on Monday, the 21st.

Both teams have been working hard and would love to see the support of their friends as America’s favorite pastime begins at Phoenix High School!


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