The Most Memorable way to Remember your Year!

Oct 6th, 2017

By: Julian Richey

With every school comes memories that are made. Whether on the Football field on Friday night, or When all of us come together as one to show our spirit for this school during assemblies,or even  those friends we made in our school club, these are all memories and friendships that we forge in high school and are ones that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives,

With that said there is no better way to remember these memories we created  and friends we made then buy getting a yearbook! Now is the time to purchase a yearbook which currently  priced at $40, It’s important however  to remember   that prices will go up near the end of the year so now is the time to buy! There are so many reasons to buy this year’s yearbook. It will include photos from all the clubs at Phoenix high as well as all the sports, So if you are involved in either it is another great reason to buy a yearbook,it  also includes a personality section for standout pirates that meet a certain criteria, along with pictures of some of our school biggest events of the year, So once again the yearbook is a wonderful opportunity to have something that will hold all the wonderful memories that were made in  that year!

So don’t hesitate fellow pirates, the year is young and great memories, friendships and experiences are yet to be made. Secure your yearbook now so that you can hold on to something for the rest of your life that you can open and remember the amazing times that you had and are having right now here at Phoenix high school. You can purchase one of these yearbooks for $40 right now at the office, so as mentioned before don’t wait to long as prices will go up later in the year! Anyone that has questions regarding the yearbook, pricing and so on should feel free to go and talk to Mr.Rhodes to have your questions answered!

So go out there pirates, and make memories and friendships that last. In general make this a great year that you won’t want to forget and then at the end of it all you will have a yearbook that will remind you of all those good times that you had during your stay at Phoenix High School!  

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