The Life Of Food


By Megan Forsyth and Trinity Mathis

December 15, 2016


The great taste of food never leaves us; for it is a dire need of the human race. The culinary arts program here has culinary arts I, culinary arts II, farm to school, and food science. It would be highly recommended to take one of these classes, because in each of these classes, you learn how to cook.


Culinary Arts I and Culinary Arts II is about approaching cooking. Farm to school is a class for cooking food that has been grown in a garden. Food science is food from a scientific perspective. Each class is in the kitchen 3 times a week with set days and set recipes.  


Culinary means “related to food”, and is the art of preparing food, cooking and also the presentation the food is given. Culinary Arts is usually presented in meals, but can also go off to smaller dishes. The job that is usually acquainted with this is a chef, cook, or culinary artist. To become a chef some required knowledge to have is food science, diet, and nutrition. Culinary artists normally make from twenty-four thousand to forty-seven thousand a year on average.


There are approximately 150 students total in his classes. It is a very popular class, seniors and juniors have first pick on the class though underclassmen can still get in. Culinary Arts is known for being a favorite not only because you get to eat everything, but you learn how to make food so you can eat all the time.


The class teaches about food, and cooking. They’ve been doing the gingerbread challenge in culinary arts for the past two weeks. And when that’s done, the gingerbread houses go in a display case where all the art pictures are for people to see. They will be in there later this week.  A class favorite tends to be the crepes, gingerbread cookies, and the baked potato soup.


Culinary Arts is amazing and really fun if you have an open period this would be a fun class to take so don’t miss out on the chance to eat food and make it. Janousek is also a wonderful teacher that you could learn a lot from.



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