The Amazing Alexis Wilson

Jan 19th, 2018

By: Bella Hoye & Astrid Onesto

Alexis Wilson is an art student at PHS. She is 17 years old and is attending her 4th year of the art program here at PHS. The art program is taught by Jessica Rollins. Her art is held at the Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland. Alexis had a reception in Ashland on January 5th, her two main art pieces were the “White Ivory” and “Natures View.” The art gallery has had her pieces on display since January 2nd, 2018 and will be there until January 28th .

The art program at PHS has helped Alexis grow to become such a wonderful artist. Jessica Rollins directs the class and has been helping Alexis chase her dream for 4 years. Mrs. Rollins said “Alexis is one of her best students and has never had less than 100% in her class.” A lot of people have succeeded from Mrs. Rollins class other people have said that she is like an aunt to them because she helps them in a way a family member would. She teaches many different forms of art at the school including Art 1, Art 1b, Art 2, and, Advanced Art. Alexis says “I go with the flow and I don’t feel like it’s a project, it’s more of my own thing.” Overall, Mrs. Rollins can help anyone become the artist they want through all her classes.

Even though Mrs. Rollins has helped Alexis a lot she has more reasons for the dream of being an artist. Alexis has been trying for many years to become so successful, she grew up with the gut feeling of doing art. One of the people she looks up a famous artist named Salvador Dali. She got in the art gallery in Ashland by her mentor Dana Feagin, who works at the gallery and got permission for Alexis to be on display. A lot of her pieces were inspired by the nature she sees around her. Her mentor surprised her with the spot at the gallery. She had a showcase at the school and her point of view was all on nature; she called it the “Wild Life Conservation.” She has a different way of working on her pieces, she doesn’t just sit and do one piece she works on multiple at a time. She is also working at the humane society and trying to make art pieces of dog and cats for them.

Over the last 4 years at Phoenix High school, Alexis Wilson has blossomed into the amazing artist that she is today. Her passion for art along with her creativity has allowed her to open new doors for herself in the art world. The art program at PHS has given her the opportunity to showcase her talent and give her the confidence she needs to continue creating outstanding art. Mrs. Rollins classes have helped her to be the big artist she is now. Without the help of many people she wouldn’t be where she is today.

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