Checking in with Our New Staff Hires

Chere Langeliers


In the beginning of the year we had so many new contributions to Phoenix High. New students as well as new teachers and staff. Today we are focusing on the new teachers. Since it was the end of the semester last week, we are asking the new teachers how their first semester went, and checking in with them.

For the new teachers we had Quinn McAndrews who is in the history department teaching World History, Government and AP European History. Then we have Daniel Buckley who is also in the history department who teaches Economics, US History, and World History. Then we have Nicole Petitt who is working in the English department and she teaches English for Sophomores and Seniors. We also have Andrew Brock, he is the Choir director and he directs Chamber Choir and Concert Choir.

Just to check in on the new teachers, we went and asked them a few questions about how first semester went for them. We first asked them how the first semester went for them. Mr. McAndrews said “first semester went well, but he had a lot of ups and downs”. Mr. Buckley said “the first semester was awesome. I got to know a lot of new students and teach three awesome subjects, while getting to know the students.” Then we asked what they would like to improve on, next semester. McAndrews said that he wanted to have more discussions in his class because kids are inspired by them to state their opinions and share what they know and believe. Buckley said he would like to get to the heart of what the students are learning a little bit better and how it applies to their lives.

We also asked them at what point were you the most frustrated during first semester? Mr. McAndrews replied with “At the end I was more frustrated, because everyone was scrambling to fix their grades and I believe they should have done that before so they weren’t scrambling for it.”. Mr. Buckley said “My biggest frustration was that I coached football at the middle school for the 8th graders and now I am coaching the JV boys basketball here at the high school and the frustrating part was that I had to leave a lot for games during class especially during 7th period.”

These teachers have all made a great impact on the students and they have been a great contribution to PHS. It has been a great year! Hoping they all stay for next year as well. Hope first semester went well for everyone and hope you have a great second.


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