Candy Raffle

 By: Trinity Mathis & Miriam Arias

Feb 13th, 2017

Phoenix High School’s DECA is hosting a Valentine’s Day Candy Raffle as a fundraiser for the club. The candy raffle is a contest where students guess the amount of candies in a jar, and the winner gets to take the jar with all the candies.The jar includes every kind of candies, from chocolates to jolly ranchers. Each guess costs a total of 25 cents.

The money that is earned through this event will be going towards the DECA club here at phoenix. According to Mr. Carvalho “ a few of the tickets have been sold in advance but no one has guessed the exact number yet”. With a few tickets already sold Carvalho is hoping to sell a total of 100 tickets the day that the actual raffle takes place.

The raffle will be taking place in the commons during break. The raffle has already started but the winner will be drawn Thursday February 9th.  


     Q & A with Mr. Carvalho


  1. What is the Candy raffle? A contest where the winner gets the jar of candy with each guess costing 25 cents.


  1. What is the point of the raffle? To raise money for DECA and for Valentines.


  1. Where will the money earned from this event go? Our DECA club


  1. Where is this taking place? In the commons


  1. When is the raffle? We are selling them during break


  1. What time does it start and end? Started already and winner will be drawn on Thursday, February 9.


  1. What has been accomplished so far?  We have sold quite a few but I don’t think anyone has guessed the exact number yet.


  1. What kind of candy is there? All types of chocolate and others.


  1. What kind of turnout are you expecting? I am hoping to get at least 100 guesses.

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