Back on the Sea

Sept 22nd, 2017

By Trinity Mathis, Lesly Lopez, Arely Gonzalez, and Nayeli Esqueda

It’s that time of the year again. When students get lost in the halls, and end up drowning in syllabi. When lockers are finally opened after three months. School has started once again. Welcome back fellow pirates to our ship. Another year where the students have advanced one year in education, and are one step closer to graduation. Other than the familiar faces of returning students, Phoenix has become a new home to the incoming class of 2021. This will be another year of sport events, state testing, and being able to hang out with friends in the commons.

With the new year we have gained new students. The majority of students being the incoming class of 2021. Fresh out of middle school and ready to begin their long journey known as high school. Mackenzie Roman, a freshman here at PHS, stated how excited she is to be in high school. “It’s pretty fun, it’s kind of exciting because it’s a new school, new people, a lot bigger classes. I’ll get used to it eventually.” On the other hand there are a couple of freshmen whose expectations are not yet met, for example Brandon Zanni told PHS Journalist “It’s not as fun as I thought it would be”.

Our sophomore class is halfway there till their graduation in 2020. Payton Stamn one of the many sophomores, plans to play three sports this year at Phoenix. These sports include volleyball, basketball, and track. Expectations that she has for the year is to be able to keep up her grades and be able to keep an eye on sports. Advice that she has for the freshman is “don’t fall behind because it will be hard to come back.” Expectations for Jazmyne Broussard  are as well to get straight A’s and stay out of drama. Jazmyne is excited for the school year because it’s not as boring as it was during the summer. Jazmyne will be doing cross country and track this school year for extracurricular activities.  

One more year before graduating, juniors will be experiencing one of the hardest years of high school. Juniors will be writing their junior research paper and doing state testing later this year, but will also compete against the seniors in order to win spirit day. Rocio Hernandez, a junior this year, has had a very good week to start off the school year. Goals that she has this year is to be successful and use her time wisely and enjoy her school year. With school and life Rocio also plans to play tennis for her third year of high school. Advice for the new class that she has is “to have fun, not to worry too much because the hard years are going to come, and enjoy your time with friends.” Ezra another student at Phoenix will be using his time wisely and will try to turn things in on time. He plans to join wrestling and be a part of the speech and debate team. Ezra described his first week back at school as weird for the sole reason that “it doesn’t feel like I’m a junior, but a sophomore halfway through the year.”

Being the top of the classes this is the last year for our beloved seniors. After this, seniors will be leaving high school and will begin their life adventure out in the real world. There are some seniors, one known as Astrid Onesto who is nervous about graduation, getting scholarships, and being accepted into schools. After being asked on how she felt about being in her last her of high school, Astrid stated that, “it doesn’t really feel that different, we haven’t done toga day or any senior traditions.” Plans that Astrid has after graduation is to be able to attend SOU. Congrats to all the seniors for beginning their final year of high school.  

Well with summer behind us we have a new school year ahead of us. This year like many

others will be full of assemblies, spirit weeks, and a variety of sport events. Not only that a much larger pile of homework and assignments will be expected this school year from our classes. Like usual pirates see you in the next edition of PHTV News.

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