AP US History Draws a Crowd

IMG_8133October 2, 2015

By Elizabeth Castillo and Meddie Lozano

In 2010, 23.4% of students in Oregon took advanced placement classes, according to College Board. This school year, Phoenix High School has over seventy students enrolled in its AP US History class, more than any other year in the history of Phoenix High School. This class is only available for juniors and seniors at Phoenix High School. Currently 21.2 % of the juniors and seniors at Phoenix High School are enrolled in AP U.S. history, representing 10.7% of the student body.


This class is being offered during first period and the class is being housed in the Phoenix High School Rose Theater to accommodate the high enrollment of students. Teachers for this class, Mr. Rodreick and Mr. Cornet, have set up this specific class to follow the same guidelines as a college or university class. It gives students an idea of how the classes at that level are set up and will hopefully help them to gain experience for them. AP US History offers students an opportunity to earn a total of eight college credits. These credits will transfer to Southern Oregon University and all schools in the Oregon University System, helping students to save money. This is a great opportunity for any students who will put in the effort and are willing to set themselves up for a challenge.


The advantage of having two teachers in one class is that it offers different teaching styles. Rodreick’s teaching offers more one-on-one student debates and shows students how to think like historians, whereas Cornet’s teaching is narrative-based lectures. Students will take the AP test in May in hopes of achieving a passing score and representing Phoenix High School at the highest of academic levels.

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