The Spirit of Winter

December 8, 2017

By: Samantha Lowe/Rocio Hernandez/Kylee Linnel

Our Santa hat dress up day today wasn’t just the typical Friday spirit; it was the signal for the start of yet another exciting spirit week at Phoenix High. Being during the holiday season, this one is probably the most festive of all. This will be our last week of school until 2018, and what better way is there to end the year than with our annual week of winter holiday spirit? Our very own leadership team has worked tirelessly to make this work, so that we can start off this break with some fun. The week’s dress-up activities will start this Monday, December 11th, and go through to Friday, the 15th. Each day will feature a new, different outfit, all of which will help you earn spirit points. Every point counts, and spirit week is a great time to help your class towards winning the competition for the spirit party at the end of the year.

On Monday, start off the week simple, yet comfy, cozy, and jolly. While it seems boring, you can never go wrong with fuzzy holiday socks. Wear your brightest, fluffiest, warmest socks you can find. Tuesday is a school-wide favorite… comfy-cozy day. Keep it simple with some comfortable clothes or PJs, just make sure you’re following the dress code. Ugly sweaters are always fun, wear your worst on Wednesday. Thursday we’ll all be walking candy-canes, get your stripe on and wear red and white. To finish off the festivities, on Friday dress up as santa’s elves, reindeer, a gift, or even Santa himself! Reindeer ears, elf shoes, santa hats, elf hats, or a red nose to be Rudolph… show your creativity!

Spirit week does not just include dress up days. It also includes a canned food drive! If you bring in canned food or non perishable food items, not only does it help you class get spirit points, but it also helps families in need. The food you donate goes to Jackson County Access Foods. When you donate canned food or non perishable food items it goes to families that are less fortunate, they can go to Access and get food for their families. This food drive ends on December 11th. If you want to help your class get spirit points and help a family who is less fortunate bring in non perishable or canned food item. You can drop these items off at the front office staff and tell them your grade so you can also get spirit points!

Also, you may have seen the giving tree. Leadership took the time to decorate the tree with lights and ornaments… but not just any regular ornaments. These ornaments have a child’s name, age, gender, and their own personal wish for Christmas. To help these kids in need get something special this holiday season, simply pick up an ornament on your way past the office. For example, you may get one that says “Emily: girl, age 10. Sweatshirt or a barbie.” Once you have purchased the gift, place it back under the tree before December 11th, 2017.

The last school week of December will be filled with many activities and opportunities to gain spirit points and a chance to give back to your community. Be prepared to see school and holiday spirit next week, we are excited to see what everyone comes up with! Remember to pass by the front office and get more information on how you can give back to your community in this season of giving.

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