The Robotaneer

By Nayeli Esqueda

Feb 27th, 2017

Like many other high schools there are requirements that are needed in order to be able to graduate. At Phoenix one of these requirements is have a senior project. A senior project is based on a topic and how it can affect the community. Senior projects can be started at the end of junior year and must be completed by the scheduled deadline. Senior projects are based upon a topic that students choose. Most topics for senior projects relate to the students and the fact that they might want to make this into a possible career in the future.

Cody Gutridge, a senior at Phoenix, has spent time since November on his senior project. Cody’s project is based upon robotics. More specifically being able to introduce robotics to middle school students. His mentor is Mr. Akita a teacher at Talent Middle School. Cody has spent a couple of years in robotics and really wanted to introduce it to the middle school. Cody believes that by showing robotics to middle school students that it will teach them programming and engineering. I t will also help them with critical thinking skills and may lead to a career in the near future. His goal at the end of his project is to be able to get middle school kids comfortable with programing and robotics so that they would be able to be part of the robotics club in their high school years. By being able to be in robotics Cody has learned about programming and it has helped with his teamwork skills. In the future Cody plans to continue robotics as a career in the future, he is also interested in software engineering or being an electrician.

Good luck with completing your senior project and the rest of your senior year here at Phoenix. Thank you for the information needed to write this article. Students can think about their senior projects, but have to start them at the end of their junior year. Thanks for reading and see you in the next edition of PHTV news.  


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