The Mystery Of The 39 Steps

By Trinity Mathis and Megan Forsyth

November 18, 2016

The theater program is an awesome place where people come to show off their talents. The program is open to everyone, not just people in Mrs.Brown’s classes. Some actors have taken the start of this year to do the play and have put in so much hard work. The cast members really deserve a nice audience and a full house. Come see the play, The 39 Steps!

The 39 Steps is a mystery-comedy that is adapted from the novel by John Buchan and the film by Alfred Hitchcock. The play is mainly played for laughs and is full of puns referencing to other Hitchcock films. One night while in London, Richard Hannay will become involved in an international spy ring relating to the 39 steps. He meets agent Annabella Schmidt who ends up getting murdered in his apartment. Hannay will embark on a long journey to clear his name and figure out what the 39 steps are.

This show has been in the making for about two months. Stage managers are Hallena Hall and Emilio Gutierrez, Kaycee Parker is in charge of lightning and backstage help is Quentin Jeans and Mr. Rhoades. The cast members are: Trevor Ulric as Richard Hannay, Hayley Harrison as Pamela Edwards, Arilyn Quackenbush as Annabella Schmidt, Yasmin Conchas as Margaret Crofter, Kim Kinney as a clown, Sherif, and John Crofter, Nathaniel Morales as a clown, and Professor Jordan, Megan Forsyth as Mrs. Jordan, Kyle Cottrell as Milkman, Mr. McQuarrie, Mr. McGarrigle, and Albright, Taylor Roy as Mrs. McGarrigle, Justice Wilson as Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Dunwoody, Caleb Williams as Mr. Memory, and Samantha Kamrath as Compere.

Show nights are the 17th-19th of November. Tonight (November 18th) the play will start at 7, and tomorrow (November 19th) the play will have two show times available, the first is set to start at 2pm, and the final show will be at 7pm. Tickets cost ten dollars for adults and five dollars for students. Remember to be respectful when attending a play, everyone there has put in a lot of effort to make it all happen. Arrive early to buy a ticket and find your seat as soon as possible. When the doors close for a performance to start they will not open again until intermission or the end. Please do not get out of your seats until a break unless it’s an emergency. The concessions stand will be open before the show and during intermission.

Previous performances done in the last year were Robin Hood and Grease. Upcoming performances will be Yasmin Conchas senior project 21 Chump Street and the spring musical In The Heights both by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Please come support our theater department, if you would like to be in one, keep your eyes on the thespian board in the commons or go see Mrs. Brown in her classroom.

Please come and support the theater department by enjoying a show! The shows are really fun and family friendly, so you can bring everyone. Hope to see you guys at the show tonight or tomorrow, if not the cast will hunt you down.






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