The Intensity of Homecoming!

By Megan Forsyth and Trinity Mathis

September, 30th 2016

Homecoming week was full of exciting activities, games, and sports! Events were happening every day during this week. The week kicked off on Monday the 26th and it started with Dress like a Pirate day! Not only was Monday full of fun, but it continued through the week. Tuesday was comfy cozy, and we definitely brought out the jammies. Wednesday consisted of a ton of twins, because who doesn’t want one. Thursday brought some interesting throwbacks, with people dressing from their favorite time periods or even as their younger selves. Today the classes had assigned colors to wear, unless you were one of the lucky seniors who wore a toga! The Freshman wore red, Sophomores wore white and Juniors wore blue.

Not only were there dress up days, but activities and games. The He-Man Volleyball game was on Monday the 26th. The He-Man Volleyball game was won by the Seniors. Tuesday the 27th was movie night playing Pirates of the Caribbean, it was a fun night. It then transitioned to the parade on the 28th, with the Band playing, Colorguard twirling, so many different clubs, and floats. It was a great turnout and everyone loved it, having fun, creating their own masterpieces. The parade was then followed with the Powderpuff game immediately after. The Powderpuff game came down to the Juniors and Seniors, it finally went to Juniors as the winning team. It then comes to tonight, the 30th with the Football game, we wish the team best of luck. Be sure to come and support our football players! Also during halftime tonight not only will the Marching Band and Colorguard be performing, but we will also find out the who’s the  Homecoming queen and king.

The Homecoming Dance will be tomorrow on the 1st of October at 8 pm and last until 11pm. The Dance’s theme is in Hollywood and has a ten dollar fee to get in. There will be lots of food and refreshments to help give people the energy to dance. This is going to be a fun dance so don’t miss out, grab all of your friends and get to that dance floor! If you come to the dance, dress up nice.

Homecoming week is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean all the spirit has to go with it. Time to move on to the next event that will happen, here at Phoenix High.  Remember that you’re not too cool to show school spirit ! Thanks to everyone who contributed in making this Homecoming week such a great success!






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