Teachers and Turkey

By Nayeli Esqueda
November 21st

Thanksgiving is the holiday when we come together with friends and family and be grateful for the things that are offered to use in life. Thanksgiving week is the week that students do not have school. This is also giving to teachers. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November and is mainly celebrated with family and friends with a great feast. We asked  a couple of teachers  to tell us about their thanksgiving plans for this year and talk about their past thanksgivings.

Mr. Janousek is the culinary teacher here at Phoenix High School. This year Janousek plans to have thanksgiving with the old vice principal who invited his fiancee and himself for thanksgiving. Past thanksgivings have been full of friends or a large amount of family members. In his senior year of high school Janousek had a goal to have 4 thanksgivings in one day, he succeeded. To this day Janousek has been trying to add local ingredients to his thanksgivings. These past thanksgivings also contain memorable and funny moments. A funny moment that happened is the year that his family had thanksgiving outside, the issue it was 70 degrees and there was really nice weather. A memorable moment is having pumpkin pie competitions with his college friends and winning, this soon lead him to become a culinary teacher. The best thanksgiving though is when it was spent with his grandparents and close members of his family. A family tradition that Janousek has been doing even to this day is making sticky buns and watch the parade. Sticky buns is the same exact thing as cinnamon buns. Janousek is thankful for the people that surround him everyday. He loves working and help inspiring individuals and let them reach their full potential.  

Our next teacher is Mrs. Green. She is the chemistry and biology teacher here at PHS. Like many other years Green plans on having a four day long thanksgiving with family and friends. The first day being at her house with the rest of those days being with family and friends, being in a giant tent, watch the civil war game, having a giant roast and finally heading to the woods to hunt for a christmas tree. Past thanksgivings have been full of family and friends with 40 to 45 guests. The funniest thanksgiving happened while in the woods hunting for a christmas tree when her 100 pound dog fell into poop. Before they left they spent the majority of the time cleaning the dog. The best thanksgiving on the other hand was 4 years ago when her sister was alive and their children hanged out with each other.  Her favorite thanksgiving food is dressing, and her least is cranberry sauce. Mrs. Green is overall thankful for her huge family.

The final teacher that we spoke to was Mr. Shunk. This year for thanksgiving Shunk plans to visit friends and eat as much as possible for “this is the true meaning of thanksgiving when the white man came and hate everything that the people had.” Past thanksgivings have been with crazy family members and ending thanksgiving with passive aggressive feelings towards each other. Shunk’s favorite food is dark turkey meat, and his least favorite food is his grandma’s jello. The reason for this is because the jello was lime green and had suspended cheerios in it. Mr. Shunk is thankful for his family friends, and all the people who will be watching the video at the end of the article.

I would like to personally thank the teachers for being able to share their stories and mentioning private things. The Digital Journalism class wishes you a safe and fantastic thanksgiving to all of PHS students, and the rest of our amazing staff.


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