Spring Break!

March 11, 2016

By Randi Miick, Trinity Mathis, Guillermina Rodriguez


The time has finally come and Spring Break is just around the corner! Spring Break starts on March 16, 2016. Spring Break is a fun time to just relax and have fun with friends and maybe go on trips.

There are some things happening during and after Spring Break.

Credit retrieval will be open the first three days of Spring Break. If you need to get some credits, then come in.

Also sports will be starting. There is boys golf, girls golf, boys baseball, girls softball, and track, so if there is a game during the break then come and cheer on the team.

Some fun things to do on Spring Break is go outside and maybe go camping. Others might take this time to finish late work that they didn’t have time to finish. Another thing you might consider doing is studying to get your permit so you will be able to drive! Or, just hang out with friends and going to places like the movies or a lake. You can also go see a sporting event here, or you can play games like video games or board games with a bunch of friends.There are many things to do over Spring Break.  

But sadly, Spring Break has to come to an end on Friday, March 27, and school starts back on March 28. But enjoy the week and a half off from school as much as you can during Spring Break.

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