Spirit Week In Full Swing

Oct 6th, 2017

By: Rocio Hernandez

The most anticipated week of the school year has arrived at Phoenix High. Homecoming spirit week is now in full swing with homecoming dress up days. Monday starts off with comfy cozy day, Tuesday twin day, Wednesday superhero day, Thursday tie-die day, Friday class colors and for seniors toga! Throughout the week students plan out their outfits according to the spirit days. Many of them go beyond the expectations and enjoy the atmosphere of spirit week. Not only do students participate in spirit week activities, but also teachers and faculty. Christie Sanders our new student manager expresses her thoughts on spirit week, “I am impressed with all the people who dressed up. Being in the homecoming parade made me feel like I was back in high, and brought back a lot of good memories”. It’s a time where everyone in phoenix comes together and celebrates our school community.   

The week starts off with comfy cozy pajama day. Students wear their pajamas and are able to feel comfortable. Kylee Linnell a freshmen this year talks about what she has enjoys most about spirit week, “Spirit week is fun and interesting because you get to wear something abnormal to school, and she likes how all the classes compete for spirit points”. Many students go all out and express their characters with their perspective on spirit days. There were students all across the spectrum from regular pajamas to shark pajamas. The following day people were looking identical for twin day. Twin day gives the opportunity for friends to dress alike and observe others creativity. In the middle of the week the atmosphere of Phoenix felt super with having super heroes all around. There were confrontations among great heroes and debates on who was a better hero. We went back to the 80’s on Thursday  for tie dye day and the school looked more colorful than ever with tie dye shirts at every corner. We end off spirit day with every grade wearing their color. Freshmen wearing white, sophomores wearing blue, juniors wearing red, and seniors wearing togas! Friday began and ended with an abundance of school spirit from all sides. The seniors toga was very successful and emotional with this being our seniors last year, but we have two seniors Isabel Rodriguez stating what spirit week means to her,  “We are all unified and we have a blast!” and Gadible Ortiz expresses her opinion as well, “I like seeing others ideas and their creativity for spirit days. Seeing how much school spirit we have.”

Overall, spirit week is a representation of who Phoenix High is and what we represent. We are one of the few schools who have senior traditions that many students look forward to. Phoenix has embraced spirit week and the memories that come with it.The end of spirit week has now concluded and as we leave spirit week we embrace the moments we have made.

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