Phoenix Pirates’ Art Show

By: Miriam Arias

May 26, 2017

Art is a huge part of these students’ lives. Many seniors have been taking art since their freshmen year of high school and even way earlier than that. “Art is a really good way to express myself and just be able to show who I am as a person” said Leticia Meza a senior here at phoenix who has been taking art since her 6th grade year. The students deserve this moment and would love to see their friends, family and local community members attend the show.

You could see so many amazing pieces that have the uniqueness and diversity of the individual student behind the art. Art 1 students have to enter as a part of a grade and have the option to compete for extra credit in the class. Each student has to include; one picture with a statement of who they are, just to help the observers know who they are just a little more. If the student is competing they have to include five pictures ready to hang, a tag for each piece and 3 medium projects. Art 2 students have a very similar requirement but one could see more things like oil paintings, pastel work, etc.

The more advanced classes like Art 3 and AP Art are required to compete the more advanced students showcase work like prints on t-shirts, oil paintings, white charcoal work, figure art, their own sketchbook work, and a lot more amazing work!

Some special guests that will be assisting the judging are, Jose Rivera a former PHS student, Yann Crist-Evans, Gabriella Borsay, Christoph Sharp, Whitney Rolfe, Nicole Rollins, and Miles Inada. These are all wonderful artists or have had experience with their own perception of art. For more information about the judges visit

Hard work definitely pays off, for the winners of the art show or those who place will be receiving a variety of prizes such as gift certificates to local businesses, sketchbooks, many more art materials that the students can use to their advantage as a resource that maybe they aren’t able to buy themselves. Another recognition for the art students will happen during Senior Award Night where Jessica Rollins, the art teacher here at Phoenix, will be giving a 6,000 dollar scholarship to one very hardworking student, and another huge scholarship will be given that night as well. So stay tuned!


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