Phoenix High School Open House a huge success!

IMG_1749October 2, 2015

By Trinity Mathis, Randi Miick, and Joshua Langeliers

On September 30, Phoenix High School held its annual Open House. It was a really successful night. So many parents showed up, they learned a lot about the school and their student’s teachers.

We ask our principal, “Why do we have open house?” and this was her response: “Public high schools in our country… as well as private high schools – around the world actually – – open their doors to the public once a year to ensure parents/guardians are given an opportunity to meet the people their children spend the majority of their day with. By simply seeing the teacher face to face, seeing the classroom, walking the halls, the parents/guardians gain a greater understanding for the day to day experiences of their children.”

Open House impacts the parents’ trust and faith in their children’s teachers. But “sometimes parents don’t come to Open House because they already know their student’s teachers. But sometimes a parent will hear a complaint about a teacher and jump to conclusions, without even meeting the teacher“(Mrs. Hale).

Luckily for parents who don’t come to Open House, “there are three times a year when PHS opens their doors to parents. Open House, November Parent/ Senior Conferences, and April Student Led Conferences. I’d also like them to know that at any time parents/guardians can email our teachers, make arrangements for pre-arranged visits to school, or call teachers. We are here to answer questions or clear up any misunderstandings they may have. Of course, they can also visit our Library or Future Planning Center at any time,” states Mrs. Hale.   Parents should know that the computers in the Library are available so that they can check Power School, the grading platform the high school currently uses.

This year’s Open House was extremely successful; it helped further the connection between parents, teachers, and students. As always, the staff at PHS welcomed the opportunity to connect with the community and make those vital connections. Thank you for attending the Phoenix High School Open House!

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