La Clinica Mobile Health

By Amber Taylor and Danika Meer

November 13, 2015

La Clinica is a mobile family-friendly health organization that offers three main services. The services are medical, dental, and vision. This organization was first founded to serve the migrant and seasonal farm workers of the Jackson County community. Today La Clinical offers six neighborhood health centers, nine school-based clinics, and one mobile health center. These services provide a safety net for more remote and valuable community members.

School-based health centers can provide quality health care that is convenient for students and that is affordable for parents. La Clinica is open to anyone at Phoenix High School that is under the age of eighteen and has a parent or guardian consent form if they are fourteen or younger. The consent forms can be found at the students’ school office or on the La Clinica website at  at the top of the page under “patient links.”  All billing for insured students will be billed to the insurance and most services that La Clinica offers are free of charge. La Clinica is a great way to get minor treatment for your student, but every student should have a regular health care provider to have his or her needs met.

For students who would like to be treated by La Clinica, the mobile health center will be at Phoenix High School every Thursday from 8:00am to noon. After students have filled out their consent form, they can go see La Clinica health care providers during school when it is convenient for both the teacher and student. Free periods are another great time to see La Clinica health care providers. When you go see a La Clinica health care providers there is no need to feel shy or embarrassed, they are here to help you and they want to make you feel better for affordable pricing without having to wait a week for a doctor’s appointment that will cost a lot more money than La Clinica.

At La Clinica there are also volunteer programs. La Clinica volunteers are a valuable source for the community and for the patients. The volunteer program goal is to make the best and fiscal resources to connect the organization with other community groups. volunteers can also be valuable advocates for La Clinica in the community. If you would like to help volunteer or have some questions you can email

La Clinica offers helpful and affordable health care for the community of Southern Oregon. La Clinica is also a great way to be seen at school without the hassle of having to make a Doctor’s appointment that would cost you twice as much. They also have volunteer programs that can help you with your senior project, this would be a great opportunity if you are interested in the health care career. So make your appointment today!

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