Keeping up with Seniors

By: Jasmine de Meza

Digital Journalism

April 12th, 2018

       While the warm spring air fills the atmosphere, seniors are on their way closer to graduating.  Having eight weeks until the end of their high school year, it is the time to be on task and on top of assignments. Seniors can make sure to stay on track to graduating by checking in with teachers and taking their time to check their grades.

       Seniors should also ensure that they have their work samples finished and are passing those as well. In order for these seniors to get good grades and pass, they must encourage themselves to stay on top of assignment and try to finish them up on time. An assignment most seniors have been working on since the beginning of spring break, has been the social justice project. Having to have finished the social paper before the break, seniors have been assigned to create a 6 minute slideshow with a group having 2-3 minutes for each partner. This presentation is only a practice, yet it still is worth many points. Not only is this project worth many points, but so will be the senior community project.

      For the Senior community project, Seniors are needed to receive 30 hrs of service total and at least a max of 5 hours with their mentor. If you catch yourself falling behind, it is necessary to try and catch up on what is needed. How students can keep track of their time and activities is by filling out the job card that is located in the project pamphlet.  If a student does so, they will not only be on track but be very well prepared for the deadline. For anyone uninformed for when this deadline is, it takes place April 20th. By this time seniors are to have their hours finished, a slideshow created, and a short essay on what they did and how it went for them.

      After projects are finished and presented, seniors can count themselves as graduates. It is a time where those finally made it more than halfway, so enjoy yourself a little. This doesn’t mean those shall slack, but only appreciate making it to such point in their life. Go ahead and give yourself a pat, cause instead of giving up or dropping out, you went through the struggles and made it 12 years through school.

     Seniors last day of school will be June 6 as a minimum day, and they will be acquired to show up to graduation on June 9th . This is an opportunity those shall not try to miss. It is a time where you get to walk down an aisle, look gorgeous or handsome , and celebrate the fact you made it all 12 years. Congratulations to the class of 2018 and best of luck beyond high school grounds.


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