Homecoming (Fun)tivities!!!!!!!!!

October 6th, 2017

By: Trinity Mathis & Nayeli Esqueda

Every year at Phoenix High School, we have our annual He-Man volleyball, Powderpuff game, and the Homecoming Parade. Like many of the phoenix students have already experienced once in their high school lives, these activities can be very fun. If you’re new to the school then let’s take a minute to explain.

He-Man Volleyball is a volleyball game against the classes. Not like any other volleyball game, but a game where each class has at least five guys sign up and play volleyball. He-Man Volleyball usually is Freshmen vs. Juniors, and Sophomores vs. Seniors. The two classes that win will end up advancing to the final game.  

Powderpuff is a football game but only with girls. Same with He-Man, it is a game that has each class going up against each other. It’s the Freshman vs. the Juniors and the Sophomores vs. the Seniors. And the winners of those two will face off which will determine the ultimate winner.

Monday was He-Man Volleyball. During the first game freshman went against the juniors. The juniors took the crown from the freshmen. Good job to the freshmen team. Our second game was the sophomores against the seniors. With a really close game, the seniors won that game. Good job with the sophomores. With the winners from the past two games we were ready to start our final game against the juniors and the seniors. With both classes putting up a hard fight, our class winners were the Juniors with a winning set of 2 to 1. Congrats to the juniors for their victory and good job for the seniors and their hard fight. Nice work to all that signed up and participated in this year’s He-Man Volleyball.  

October 4th was the day of the Homecoming Parade. There were so many participants in the parade. Some included the marching band, the Phoenix Community Kitchen, the football team, soccer players and many more. The parade lasted for about an hour or so but it was enough for everyone in Phoenix to enjoy.

After the homecoming parade, the Powderpuff game happened. The first game was the freshman versus the juniors. It was a hard battle but the winning class of the first round were the juniors. The second round was the sophomores and seniors against each other. The winning class of the second round were the seniors. The final round was with the juniors vs the seniors. It was a tough fight but the succeeding class were the juniors. Congratulations to the winning class and to all the other classes who participated in Powderpuff.

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