Europe Welcomes Farley

Dec 8th, 2017

By: Jasmine de Meza & Tarryn Hiett

Maegan Farley an ‘All American’ champion, earned a spot in Europe’s New Year’s Day parade.  This is a parade that allows top ranked  cheerleaders to travel to Europe to be a part of the celebration of New Years. Like Farley, these top ranked cheerleaders had to work really hard to get this far.

Going from learning the required stunts to practicing in the gymnasium, Farley competed at NCA cheer camp, scoring the highest of all cheerleaders. NCA camps are designed specifically  to take a teams stunts, transitions, pyramids and baskets to a whole new level. The camp also has choreographers that work one-on-one with the teams to create a custom routine good for their needs and skill-level. Luckily for Farley she had an advantage, being trained and watched from the age of two by her mother. Farley was so talented that by the age of four she was officially put on a competitive team. With her competitive side she also brought persistence, spunk and striving for the best when competing.

Having such characteristics, she was sent to compete with her all-star hip-hop team at World Dance Summit in Florida last May. With  great choreography and practice, Farley and her team got second place; this achievement was only one out of many.  By the age of five she won her first award at camp, and at 14 she was sent to Nationals against 18-year-olds and earned second place.

Farley is not only a great cheerleader, but a great student and individual. On top of doing cheer and dance outside of school, Farley participated in four years of soccer, and three years of cheer inside school. Outside of school she is an aunt to a beautiful baby boy named Karden. Applying to several colleges, she is attempting to attend via a soccer scholarship. Farley has been offered a scholarship but is leaving her door open to any opportunity that could come her way.

In addition to past achievements Farley has also earned her way to Europe’s New Year’s Day Parade, taking place January 2018, on London’s streets around noon. Starting in 1987 with only 2,000 performers, the parade has tremendously grown, becoming something bigger. The parade involves one performing alongside 10,000 other performers, with an average audience of 20 million people around the world. Not only will there be professional cheerleaders at this parade, but there will be an involvement of bands, dancers, collective cars, balloons, professional athletes, clubs, and many more.

In the long run, Ms.Farley has been “born and ready for any cheer competition.” But before heading to Europe, the school would like to wish Ms. Maegan Farley good luck on her journey and performance. From the cheer teammates who all look up to her, they know she will try her best to wow the crowd and leave a mark. Overall, best of luck for Farley, and bring back as much footage as you possibly can.

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